30-Day Tarot Challenge: Day 19

I’m currently on a mission to complete Calamity’s 30-Day Tarot Challenge. Doing a little dance because I’m almost 1/3 of the way there.

Day 19 – Do you feel/think the cards “think” or have their own consciousness? What do you believe makes the cards “tick?”

Yes. This is the part where I start to sound a wee bit ’round the bend, so let me just assure you that I’m not. For the most part. Not clinically, anyway.

I’ve “met” several decks in my time, and all of them have had their own personalities. My old one was more mellow, willing to let someone make whatever conclusions they would, and it wasn’t its problem. That one never really had a gender, either, which, the fact that some decks do still strikes me as a wee bit weird. My current deck, Shadowscapes, is very clearly – in my mind, anyway – a mysterious, sometimes-hooded elven woman who sounds like she’s talking through water, when she speaks. She likes her nice cozy wrap and her spot on my shelf where she can see out the window, and seems to have a thing for amethysts. When it comes to my problems she’s quick to slap me sharply about the brain and take me wandering through the shadowy realms in the cards to teach me a lesson, but she still seems a little shy when it comes to other people.

I have a friend, who I mentioned in the last post, who is the “owner” of a Deviant Moon deck, who is the snarkiest little bastard I have ever met. The deck, not the friend. That deck is very loud, laughs a lot at other people’s expense, and is fond of making really, really bad jokes. He is generally honest, sometimes brutally so, but he seems to have adopted some of his owner’s sense of humor and ends up messing with both the reader and the querent whenever a reading is done, if he feels it necessary. He used to have a blast making me feel like an idiot, but ever since the incident where he was asking someone to put him back in his dang box thank you, and I was the one who obliged, he’s been a bit nicer to me. Thankfully.

And with that craziness done, I will bid you all adieu. Have a good one, I will see you tomorrow.

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