Runesong: Tales from Liserna, Book 1

Chapter 0
1st of Rowan, 2015

There are times in life when a person bites off more than they can chew. Rowan Ravenwood is a Runepriest and a sell-sword, and in his line of work, the frustrating and unexpected are usually commonplace. However, for all his years of wandering the countryside smiting the Undead, and pissing off the nobility in Silverkeep, he never anticipated what happens when his Uncle comes to him with a rather unusual task. In this first volume in the Tales from Liserna, we join Rowan as he takes on a partner who is everything he never bargained for, battles with the mystical and powerful forces of the ancient Runes, and gets himself lost. Twice. If you enjoy sarcastic banter, flamboyant bards, dark and mysterious forces beyond our control, and the occasional hint of Druidry, traveling with Rowan and his companions will be an adventure, indeed.


Now available for Amazon Kindle.

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