30-Day Tarot Challenge: Day 3

For those who are just joining us, hi! I’m doing a thing! I’m currently on a mission to complete Calamity’s 30-Day Tarot Challenge. Onward to day 3!

Day 3 – Do you have more than one deck that you use and if so do you have a favorite? If not, why do you like the deck you have chosen?

I used to! Between Yule and the beginning of January I was the owner of both the Tarot of the Elves and the Shadowscapes decks, the former of which now lives with my sister. So, right at the moment I do not have more than one, although I am working on one. I’m making a tarot deck called Revenant Tarot, although it may end up being renamed by the end of the project. I’m currently working quietly on the suit of Pentacles, and the Major Arcana is complete.

Now… here’s a question: how does one pick a favorite deck? For the years I spent with Tarot of the Elves, that was my favorite deck. Then I found Shadowscapes and found that it was too beautiful not to be my favorite. And what of the Revenant deck? I don’t know, I’m not done yet, but! I have seen and interacted with other people’s decks, and just kind of associate those decks with those people, now. I can’t think of them as mine in any sense. I’ve seen some truly gorgeous decks out there, too, besides the one I currently work with. Is this a spontaneous thing, or a resonance thing, or… what? Favoritism is weird to me at the moment.

With that, I must bid you adieu. May you always be someone’s favorite! See you tomorrow.

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