Questing Path at Yule

Hello, all! Happy Yule… yesterday. Happy first day of the Wild Hunt, then! May Sleipnir not knock over your fence in the middle of the night as he comes riding by.

Last June I did a tarot spread that I had asked to project out to the end of my completing the Major Arcana of the Revenant Deck, which I didn’t end up doing until roughly the beginning of December, so, the timing couldn’t have been better. In summary, the last few months have been, as the cards said, a test of my resolve and willpower, as well as figuring out what I really wanted out of my life, which, at this point, is happiness and my own place. I mis-read a lot of the cards in that spread, actually, and looking back I see what I missed. I was so focused, at that point, on the cards, that I didn’t realize they were talking about my life in college. The Judgement card at the end of that was the end decision that I made in mid-November to leave school, at least for a while. I ms-read one of my allies as the wrong person, Wolfie instead of Kody, the steadfast, stubborn-as-a-mule GM that really brings out the best in all of us. Although, I did read the challengers more ore less correctly, so, I’ll stand firm in my ability to at least figure out what’s probably going to go wrong.

I’ve learned a lot since then, and now, here I am, back again, having done a rather more complex tarot reading than usual in the middle of the night last night. Again, I’ve used Rustus‘s Incredible Questing Path spread, this time with the updated double-midpoint. My question for the cards this time wasn’t really as much question as it was, “So… what can I expect between now and Imbolc?” Having read Rustus’s warning about the draining power of this spread, though, we’ll see if I actually do another one then or wait till the Summer Solstice. Either way, this is what I ended up with:

Yule Spread 1

Last June, it was full of red, this time it’s a lot of blue and green. It seems my focus has switched from matters of spirit and will to matters of emotion and magic. There’s a lot of green in this spread as well, which means I’ll also be facing down a few physical and/or monetary issues along the way. Unlike last June, this spread feels a bit more peaceful to me, like I’m on the upside of a positive wave in my life right now. Like I can finally take a breather and regroup, which is exactly what I’m trying to do. It feels a bit like I’m about to be Bilbo Baggins’d by Fate, and be led off on some kind of adventure. It seems like it’ll be a kinder journey than the last one I took, though. Thank the gods.

Now, without further ado, the reading:

1 – The Path: Page of Cups
The page of cups is a young woman just beginning on her journey into exploring the depths of emotion. it tells me that my journey is likely to start with whims and flirtations with ideas, innocent emotions, and a curious heart. In this case, I am the Page of Cups, so my journey, I suppose, could be called the Journey of Curiosity. The scenery in this one calls to me, also, and makes my think of getting back to nature, and back to my “roots,” both of my heart and soul. Given that I’ve unofficially taken up the mantle of the household groundskeeper, I suspect this is a good sign that what I’m doing at the moment is actually a good idea.

2 and 3 – Midpoint Navigation: The Wheel and the Ace of Discs
The first turn in this particular patch of river will be due to forces that are mostly beyond my control. Generally, I find that the Wheel indicates change for a good cause, although given that it appears that the Fae will be involved somehow, I’m not at all sure what that cause might be. I suspect this is the point at which my own proverbial Gandalf will come put a rune on my door. My eyes are particularly drawn to the flowers in this card, as well as the echo of the cup, which carries through almost the entire spread. It seems to me this means that whatever changes will most likely be emotional, and from that change will come growth and prosperity. Perhaps I should plant some flowers in my new garden…
The second turn is one that I’ve seen often, and that either means – to me, anyway – that something will completely “upset the apple cart” as it were, or a new opportunity is to be had, and I’d be a fool not to take it. When I looked at this card in the middle of the night last night, the falling fruits looked more like stones, which made me think of that old saying, “a rolling stone gathers no moss.” Maybe that will be my opportunity for my first job, or maybe something happens and I get to move out. Maybe my books will suddenly get noticed by someone and suddenly I’ll be making money from something I love to do. I don’t know. There are so many things this could be, and I probably won’t know until the next time I do this spread what it was.

4 – The Destination: Two of Cups
Given that I asked this spread to go out to Imbolc, which is at the beginning of February, this card makes me think that toward the end of January, something will have caught my attention, and I’ll have a chance to put my empathy into practice. Empathy will be my final test going into the next leg of the journey. Whatever that test will be, though, at this point is still just as immaterial and unknowable in my mind as the smoke coming out of the chalice before it forms into the male figure on that card. This is probably another one that I won’t know what it is until it’s either passed or has smacked me right square in the face. Either way, I’ll find out when I get there.

5 and 6 – Allies: The Lovers and the Devil
The Lovers is so obvious to me that, in my mind, it requires no explanation. The person who helped me through every step of the last 2 years and a few months, who I would like nothing more than to move in with so that we can help each other in even greater ways, he will be someone who, again, accompanies me on this adventure. Whatever happens, whatever the coming months may consist of, we’ll get through them together, as we always have.
The Devil confused me at first, until I remembered everything I’d put into my own version, and realized that in this case, one of my greatest allies will be whatever makes me feel powerful and in control. In essence, I am to be my own master, and master my emotions, else they control me. So, it is both an ally and a warning. Although, with the Challengers involved in this, I suspect I will need just about as much control as I can possibly muster.

7 and 8 – Challengers: The Magician and the Page of Swords
Ah, the Magician. I’ve seen this card many, many times before. So often, in fact, that it has come to represent, to me, a single person, whose name I’ll decline to write, but I know who he is. He is the reason that one of the most influential, well-liked, and happy characters in Revenant didn’t make it into Scourgemarked and Lightbringer, a decision that I have begun to regret. So, the Magician is probably warning me A) to stay out of this guy’s shenanigans, because he has this strange ability to pull people into his self-induced misery and keep them there, and B) not to let his opinions sway me, ever again. I’ve learned that lesson once, and I suspect I’m being tested on it once again.
Given that the Page of Swords is the only sword card in this entire reading, I suspect this is here to tell me not to let my head get in the way of my heart – something that I do way too often. My own thoughts can sting just as sharply as any bee or wasp, and can be more venomous than either. This is something I know from experience, and given that this card seems to be associated by way of placement with both the Devil and the Ace of Discs, this could be a warning that if I’m not in control of my thoughts, I will miss that opportunity, and will regret it afterward.

Jumper Cards:

Yule Spread 5

I always read Jumpers last, and I almost always have them. In this case, they seem to be set up in almost a Past-Present-Future layout, and so I decided to read them as such.

Who I Was: Page of Discs
This was me when I did the last Questing Path spread. Just beginning to learn what I could offer to the world, beginning to really understand my physical limits and what I wanted financially. This was before I learned just how much I need to be around nature, and not stuck up in the middle of a concrete building all day, and before I took the three-day round-trip of Colorado, where I really got to learn how much I could take before shutting down or wearing out. This was before I learned that while I love learning about how the rocks are shaped and how to read them, I hate trying to figure out the math and chemistry behind it. I don’t need to know why or how, really. Just that they are. This was before I learned, really, how to listen to the rocks that I was studying.

Who I Am Now: Nine of Discs
In this particular deck, this card is labeled as “morality,” but usually it is seen as “wishes,” or something to that effect. The main two figures in this card are a High Priestess and a King, two people who are more than capable of making things happen, so, perhaps this is a sign that all of the projects I’m starting and wishes I’m making now actually do serve a purpose. When I looked at it last night, though, I saw this Priestess giving the chalice – which in this deck’s story is an artifact of great power – to the King as a symbol that she knows when something isn’t hers to keep. I know, now, which paths I am meant to take, and which ones I should make every effort to not even get close to, even with a ten-foot-pole. It also seems as though she is asking for help, which was a lesson that I was meant to learn from my last spread, that I may well have either learned or at least have started the process of learning.

Who I Will Become: Queen of Cups
I was a little flattered at first, looking at this card. I’m no Queen, and I don’t plan on ever being one. However, this Queen is a High Priestess, someone who is in control of her emotions, and recognizes the effect that they have on her work and her self. She is in tune with both her light side and her dark side – just look at the lighting on her face – and is in connection with the Divine, acting as a channel to bring the will of the universe down to earth. She speaks her own truth, which is another lesson for me that has been slowly edging into the background of my life. Honesty is something that I’ve always struggled with, particularly when it comes to mistakes – I tend not to own up to them. However, given that this is a Cups card, it may be that I need to be honest with myself, rather than trying to be honest first with other people. To be truthful with my own feelings will make me truthful about everything else, I suspect. We’ll see!


I’d like to say a big thank you again to Rustus for coming up with this excellent spread, and encouraging others to use it as well. We’ve both put our own twists on it, so if my version doesn’t quite suit your fancy, definitely go see the original. 😀

Have a great holiday season, everyone! I’ll see you soon!

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