Hermit’s Log – 12.18.2014

Oh, so many things. So many things have happened since I last wrote about my wee life.

After a three-day trip around my lovely homeland’s mountainous region back in October, I found myself questioning why I was even in college to begin with. Something about going out camping for the first time in my life – yes, shush, I call myself the Hermit for a reason – and realizing, in the midst of a very fearful and cold first night, exactly what I was really made of at that point, made me look at what I was doing and come to the conclusion that it was not right for me. Having said that, I regret nothing about my year and a half in college… except for every fraction of a second I spent in chemistry. Guh. So, I deliberated for far too long to be healthy, and in the middle of November realized that I would have to leave. The week before the full withdrawal deadline, I was gone.

Since then I’ve been happily living at home with my family and my fish and my lovely little slice of nature, instead of cooped up in a concrete and steel box up on the second floor, surrounded by other tall concrete and steel boxes for more or less all of my time. I feel much better, if a bit guilty because this past month has been about me clawing my mind back up out of the depression-y hole that it ended up in over the course of that last semester, and not doing things like… getting a job. Or doing chores. Or anything productive. Yay. I find ways to keep busy, though. Runesong and Fatespell(which may end up being renamed) are almost done, and Winterdance and Redgate are in the planning process. The minor arcana for the Revenant Tarot Deck are all planned out, they just need to be actually made. I probably won’t have time to work on them more until the new year though, because holidays and yardwork* need doing, and I managed to somehow get a main role in a swordfighting/acting troupe called Blades of Moria. Whew!

So, that’s my life. You’ll all hear from me again on Yule, as I plan to do a Questing Path spread again for the time up till Imbolc, so don’t despair. The tarot will return shortly. And hopefully new books will come out at some point next year. Yay!

Until next time!
-Ej the Exuberant-but-very-sore Hermit.

ps. *Said yardwork consists of raking leaves and preparing a sand pit to become a wee garden/sitting area, reminiscent of something you’d see in Rivendell. 😀 It’ll be cool!

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