Tarot: Symbolism of the World

Hermit’s view on Eio as the World:

Trump 21 in the Revenant Tarot deck.
Trump 21 in the Revenant Tarot deck.

Borean legend tells of a god that never stops writing, because the story of Fate is never over. His name is Eio, Lord of Dragons, and here, he is pictured with his journal. His closed journal. He has stopped writing, which means, for a moment, that the story has come to an end. The World is about completion, fulfillment, moving from one phase of life to the next.

In the center of the World is Eio, First god of Storms and Creation in the world of Omnia. In the Rider-Waite card, the central figure is dancing, with one leg crossed over the other. Eio sits against the window sill in a similar position, one ankle crossed over the opposite knee, the opposite or mirror of the Hanged Man. Whereas he looks infinitely inward, the World looks infinitely outward, to new possibilities. He is surrounded by an elliptical window which echoes the laurel wreath in the older card. It signifies the passage of time on a universal scale, the orbit of planets. The golden light shining through the window represents victory, success, achievement, and accomplishment. On the wall under and beside the window, four symbols representing the four elements stand in place of the four figures in the corners of the Rider-Waite card.

In the Rider-Waite version of the World, the central figure holds two rods, and is draped in a thick violet ribbon. Eio holds his journal and pen, which symbolize balance and evolution, and instead of being draped in violet, he has indigo tattoos on each of his chakra points and his arms, which represent a level of cosmic awareness, or cosmic consciousness. The journal has a red triad knot on it, symbolic of the red string of Fate, that which binds together people who share souls. Eio also holds the pen with his left hand, signifying a complete switch, writing from his subconscious instead of his logical mind. Also, he carries no weapons, and since he is what passes for a “Chief of the Gods” in the Omnian pantheon, this suggests that the pen, is in fact, mightier than the sword. Also, the relationship between the journal, pen, and Eio is that he literally “wrote the book,” signifying that he is a teacher, which is another meaning of this card – the transition from student to teacher, apprentice to master.

The planetary ruler of this card is Saturn. It is the planet of time, suggesting that timing is everything, and that with time comes all things. It is also the “scholar” planet, which reinforces the mastery quality of this card. In this way, this card isn’t like Death, which is an end and then a beginning, but rather a change. Huge, but good, change.

On the other hand, the rune for this card is Othala, which represents the home, hearth, and heart. It is a person’s ancestors, and roots, and everything inherited. On this card, it brings out more of the idea that the seeds that have been sown, back in the Magician card, will soon produce their fruit. What you’ve worked for will be yours. It is also a protective rune, which asks us what we consider our “world” to be. What would we protect even with our own lives? What is rightfully ours? It reminds us that our story is really a continuation of the entire planet’s story so far, and after all, while the World does indicate completion, the story is never, truly, over.

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