Tarot: Symbolism of the Empress

Hermit’s view on Everine Heartnet as the Empress:

Trump 3 of the Revenant tarot deck.
Trump 3 of the Revenant tarot deck.

The Empress is one of the more straightforward cards in the Major arcana. It is the card of the Mother, or All-mother, the Anima. The Empress is a creator, the one who nurtures and makes things grow. Everine, an Elf shaman, and both a mother and a grandmother, is a nurturer of body, mind, and spirit, and so one of the best fits for this card.

There are, as always, a few differences between this card and the Rider-Waite Empress, the fact that the older version is a human and the Revenant version is an Elf notwithstanding. The Rider-Waite Empress wears a white robe with a pattern of pomegranates, which are symbols of fertility. Eve wears a green and pink gown, which symbolizes the same thing. The wheat in the background of the Revenant card – and the foreground of the Rider-Waite card – is a symbol of abundance of the Earth, or abundance of body(wealth, health, energy), taken on a personal level. Another difference, this one a bit more obvious, is the lack of the Rider-Waite Empress’s crown of stars on Eve’s head. The crown represents a connection with the Otherworlds, especially the realms of the Fae. Eve is a Pure-elf, which means her close ancestors came from the Fae realm. She doesn’t need a crown to have a connection with them, she’s connected by blood. She is also a shaman, which means she has a spiritual connection to the Otherworlds, as many shamans do.

As someone who has an almost divine connection to nature, Eve stands on the short grass with bare feet, a symbol of reverence and grounding. In the aspect of a creator, Eve stands in front of a smoking, magical well, drawing out of the smoke a shape of a butterfly, or maybe a pixie. She has been a mother – to Leon – and so is a creator in body, mind, and spirit. She is abundant in all of these respects.

The ruling planet of this card is Venus, the planet of love, creativity, fertility, art, harmony, beauty, and grace. Even though this card resembles the All-mother goddess types a bit better, for instance Demeter, Frigga, and Danu, goddesses like Venus/Aphrodite, Frejya, and others represent the loving, compassionate side of the Mother figure, as well as the events that lead up to a woman becoming a mother.

The rune for this card is Berkana, the rune of the birch tree. It’s one of the most “motherly” runes, if you could call it that, and is the rune of keeping secrets, renewing the spirit, and bringing new ideas into creation. Birch is a “colonizing tree,” that creates favorable conditions for other trees to thrive in by way of its presence. After a fire, birch is usually the first tree to spring back into life. It is the rune of mother earth, and so reflects many of the other ideas already mentioned in this card, and in Eve, herself.

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