On the Importance of Cleaning

Here’s a story for any parents who read my blog. When I was a kid, I used to hate cleaning up anything. Toys left out on the ground, wouldn’t make my bed, hated to put things back where they belonged. The only time I ever cleaned my room used to be when I went to re-arrange it every few months or so. The reason I never wanted to clean my room was because I could never understand the why. Which ended up being the same reason why I sucked at math for so long. Why did this need to be done? Why do I need to make my bed even though I’m just going to sleep in it later, and nobody ever comes over, anyway? Of course, nobody had any really good answers for me. Yes, there were answers, but they were arbitrary to my tiny-person mind. “Because that’s how it’s always been done,” and, “because your mother said so,” have never been good enough reasons for me.

Back to the present, having just gotten over a round of sub-par health and a really bad migraine attack, I figured that my room really needed to be cleaned. And I don’t mean just picking up the dirty clothes or changing the sheets on my bed, I mean the window is open, the fan is on, there’s music blaring even though I’m not in there at the moment, and everything is airing out. Normally, this would be the time when I re-arrange my room, but since I live in a dorm for most of the year anyway, it doesn’t seem logical to me at the moment to do so. I’ve even got crystals stuck around everywhere to flush everything out. Yes, it needed that kind of cleaning.

So, in that light, here’s the answer that I always wanted to hear as a kid: When you don’t clean up your room, gunk piles up everywhere. Not just physical gunk like dirt and food particles and dust, but also emotional gunk. When you get sick, the gunk builds up. When you’re sad, more gunk. When you’re angry, depressed, guilty, anxious, and any number of other things, the emotional gunk gets absolutely everywhere. Which, if you subscribe to the idea of sympathetic vibrations(you attract what you think about), attracts all sorts of gross things that you don’t want to be in your room. Bugs being one of them. Picking stuff up and keeping things clean and orderly helps to minimize places where the gunk – and bugs – can hide. If you even do something as simple as make your bed, it resets some of the energy of the room. Re-arranging it breaks up all of the old energy patterns, and gives a new kind of flow, so that the gunk doesn’t get stuck under and behind things. Playing music with really good bass, or just your favorite music, has a kind of cleansing power of its own, too. Even when you’re not in the room – especially when you’re not in the room – the sound waves from the music will help to break up the gunk even more. Thus, the bass.

Now, deep-cleaning and re-arranging a room is not something that should be done every day, or even every month. Six months is a good point to do so, and any time after a really bad sickness. Even if you don’t feel up to the whole enchilada, just try dusting, or taking care of the trash, or doing the laundry. Which, here’s another tip: wash clothes with a pinch of salt for that “fresh off the rack” feel. I don’t know how it works, but it’s spectacular.

With that said, go clean your room.
– The Happy Hermit

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