Tarot: Symbolism of the Star

Hermit’s view on Mairin as the Star

Trump 17 in the Revenant Tarot deck.
Trump 17 in the Revenant Tarot deck.

The Star is the Eureka moment. The brilliant flash of inspiration, imagination, hope, and discovery. It is the flash of light that shines off of the point of a drawn arrow just before its release. Mairin, whose name means, “Star of the Sea,” is the embodiment of the star. She is a vigilante, stalking her prey by moonlight, her arrows flash out of the sky like shooting stars. She is the daughter of the Lady of the Crescent Well, and Leon. A demigoddess of the Fae realm. Otherworldly, like an asteroid.

One of the most prominent symbols of the Star is of course, the bright star at the top. Here, it is not an actual star, but the light shining off of the tip of the arrow. Behind Mairin, in the sky, are also seven smaller stars, which generally represent the seven chakras, or, if you include the large star, the eight planets besides Earth, which she is of course standing on.

A bird is depicted in the Rider-Waite’s Star, an ibis, which represents Thoth, the Ancient Egyptian god of wisdom. There is no bird here, but Mairin’s split cloak almost echos the shape of a bird’s wings in flight. She has knowledge, and knows how to apply it, using her wisdom to fly through life.

The Star is a card full of potential. It follows the Tower, a card of trials, tests, and destruction, and is, in some ways, the calm after the storm. Mairin’s face holds no fear, for she can see where the future will fly. The past is behind her. The air is clear, the sky holds no clouds. However, when she lets the arrow fly – which here represents the future or potential – there is no telling where, exactly, it will land. And it won’t come down for a while, given the angle she’s shooting at. The Star is a card that reminds us that the future is unpredictable, even if we can see where it’s aimed, and that hope is coming, if slowly.

Mairin is also representing the Star’s symbolism of the two hemispheres of the human brain. In the Rider-Waite deck, the pool represents the unconscious mind, the right brain, and the spirit. The land represents the conscious mind, the left brain, and the body. The integration of these two sides of the personality is represented classically by the streams from the two urns of water running together, or by the woman holding them. Here, it is represented by Mairin’s hair, eyes, and the shaft of the arrow that optically splits her face. She is a divided being, but a single entity. Her hair fades from silver to brown, from spirit to body. Her left eye is brown, her right eye is silver. She embodies the integration of both brain hemispheres, as well as the integration of mind and body.

The Zodiac sign for this card is Aquarius, a sign that looks to the future. It is a kind sign, and a generous one, offering help in the most unexpected of times and places. It sees into tomorrow, but knows that healing and hope is, for the moment, only in the present. Aquarius is an idealistic sign, detached from the trials and tribulations of reality, and centered on the now. It is a humanitarian sign.

The Norse rune Fehu lends its spark to this card. The first rune in the Elder Futhark is a rune of inspiration, the spark of attraction that leads us into our purpose. It is abundance, and the spark of life that dances in our blood. There is a light, airy feel to this rune, like the air of the Fae realm, and, like the Star, indicates that we are just starting out on a new leg of our journey, having let go of whatever darkness brought us here. Fehu lights our spirits like the Star lights up the sky, or like Mairin’s arrow lights the path to hope.

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