Who is this “Hermit”?

Well, I’m not a crab, I can say that much for certain.

I am someone who sees the “alignment” drop-down for inserting an image into a post, and thinks to myself, “Chaotic Good.” I’m that person who, in the midst of a sentence, gets distracted by my own thoughts and follows the thought-bunny in my mind for a few seconds before picking up where I left off. I have a crystal collection that outnumbers the number of single shoes I own, a propensity for finding shiny things, and a habit of looking at something and finding a use for it that it was not intentionally or originally designed for. I am someone who tries to see beauty in everything, and sometimes fails miserably in doing so.

Before this gets asked, and I know it will, no I do not live in a cabin in the middle of the woods somewhere. Except in my mind. My mind-palace happens to be a mind-forest. No, I actually live in my nice, cozy, sometimes too cozy, room, in the middle of Cow Flats, Colorado. I do have a nice little park across the street, though, so, from my window I would be able to imagine myself actually living in a forest… were it not for the bright garish yellow house in the way. Oh well.

I’m not a complete nut-job, though. I am in the midst of getting a bachelor’s degree in Geology from the college in my town, which isn’t the best, but I am in one of the best states to be studying what I am, so, learning before notoriety. Hah. Originally I wanted to try out Physics as a degree but decided that there was too much math and not enough things that I could actually pick up and look at. As mentioned before, I do have a rock collection. The step seemed inevitable.

By spirit, however, I am an Artist. I have been doing Art since I could pick up a crayon and make a mark on a page. Why am I not pursuing a career in Art, then? And why on Earth do I capitalize Art? Because I don’t want my ideas and creativity to be channeled down the narrow tube of commissions, which has happened before, and I have since discovered that, no sir, it is not for me. As for the second question, I use Art to refer not only to visual art – drawing, painting, photos, digital, etc. – but also dance, writing, music, martial, and spiritual arts. Which is why I am an Artist, and not an artist. I do all of those things, some professionally, most for my own enjoyment. I live, eat, breathe, and dream Art, which leads to all sorts of weird and crazy outlooks on life in general.

And that would be the Hermit in a nutshell. Or crab shell, whichever you prefer.

Your Thoughts

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